Here you will be able to follow any updates to the web-pages or It's full of Stars itself. The actual upgrades themselves will usually not be listed here, and you should check out the upgrade historyto read about the details on the upgrades.

11th December - 2003
This webspace is still alive, even if nothing is happening around here. I have finally read the two first books in Sean Williams and Shane Dix sci-fi trilogy. I'm glad I did, good stuff. I got to write the first review over at the UK amazon store. I also had a look at the starmap they did in IFOS and it left me thinking that IFOS really needs a major revamp. Well I don't have the source here in London but maybe next year... maybe! Maybe I should just be happy that it even works. 5 years (since development stopped) is a long time in our accelerated age, especially computers. Still no AIs though but I'll settle for being able to plug google straight into my neural stem for now. Also, thank you for all the positive feedback that still trickles in despite IFOS being almost seven years old!

6th November- 2001
A new map is now available for download created by Australian science fiction author Sean Williams. Sean has been using ifos when writing his new series and the new map is the universe found in his latest novel ECHOES OF EARTH. It's due in print very soon -- January in the US -- according to Sean himself.
This is not his first book and those interested in finding out more about Sean Williams and what he has written should visit his homesite at

30th August - 2000
Added a link to This is a great site updated daily.

24th August - 2000
Updated my CV at:
New maps are expected soon from Australian science fiction author Sean Williams.

27th March - 2000
Fixed the Gliese 3.0 link and added a new three step download option for those with problems downloading. is the actual program and must be downloaded. contains graphics and the help-system contains maps and some extras

12th November - 1999
I got a job in London.

11th September - 1999
New version of the Conversion program (NavStr). It can now make simple conversions of maps from Stars!. Offers an optional centering function and shrink function to make the universe smaller without losing the positional relationship between the stars.

September - 1999
The IFOS site is now a part of the new CV site as I am looking for a job. Updated the IFOS pages (e-mail and other relevant information) as well as removing unused pages and making sure all links work.

18th May - 1998
The Gliese 3.0 catalog has made it to the maps page. It's a simple conversion leaving much to be desired, but it works, and it has lots of real stars for mappers to play with.

Added a link to a homemade RPG, Space Warriors, created by Dave Probert. He's using IFOS for his mapping needs, and has created a map of his universe.

14th April - 1998
At a suggestion from Patrick Steward, Klaus Richter has stripped away most planets and civilizations from his worlds-map. The result is a much smaller file which you can use as a foundation for your own personal universe. As always the map can be found on the map page.

2nd April - 1998
Added a few screenshots to my websites, you can find them here.

29th March - 1998
Version 2.2 of IFOS has finally been released, go here, here or here to download it, but first you might want to check out the upgrades I have done. In addition to fixing some bugs, I have added printing functions and a few new settings. Thanks to all those who sent me suggestions and reported bugs.

17th March - 1998
Reworked the babylon5 RPG n-space.doc which I first uploaded on the 3rd of March. Decreased fuel, made hyperspace more fuel demanding and changed a few calcualtions.

For those waiting for the next version of It's Full of Stars, it is on its way. I won't hassard a guess as to when, but as soon as possible.

10th March - 1998
Added my curriculum vitae (education, personal info, etc.).

3rd March - 1998
A new unofficial babylon supplement written by me (sorry link is dead). A Word 6.0 document with formulas and calculations on travel times in normal space (N-Space). The document is intended for those playing the babylon project role playing game, but others interested in space travel might find some of it interesting.

25th Feb - 1998
Klaus Richter's map worlds.str has again been updated. Corrected position of galactic core, added stars from Taurus, including the famous crab-nebula pulsar. You can still find it on the
maps page.

16th Feb - 1998
Klaus Richter has done done it again. Even more systems have been added to the worlds.str map. Not only has he added the Galactic Core, but also placed the Pupeteers, fleeing the galaxy. You can still find it on the maps page.

27th Jan - 1998
Klaus Richter has done a lot more work on his map, derived from Patrick Stewart's map. Now there are more than 300 nearby systems, you can find it on the maps page.

25th Jan - 1998
Added a new map from Klaus Richter to the
maps page.

13th Jan - 1998
Updated web pages, and implemented frames.

5th Jan -1998
Version 2.1 of It's Full of Stars made available to the public.