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Updated: 3/27/02
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The XHW's first PPV, Ground Zero, will be on March 10th.  There is currently a preview avaliable under PPV.  Check it out!
Tuesday's Warfare preview is now up!!!  Check it out under Shows!!
Friday's Boiling Point show is now available!!!!!  This is a very interesting show!!  Click on Boiling Point under Shows!!!
Sunday's Live! card is now up!!!  Check it out under Shows!
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Tuesday Warfare
Sunday Live!
If you are a visitor surf around the site!  Check out the results under Shows and fill out an application to become an Extreme Star in the XHW!!!
Friday Boiling Point
Ground Zero
We may be switching over to a new site design in the next couple of weeks or so!  This is just a very small sample of the site design!  Tell me what you think.
The wait is over!!  The XHW's first PPV, Ground Zero, has transpired.  Check it out under Pay-Per-Views!