I am new to the web site racket so it might take me a while to get this site completed.  I genuinely share your interest and enthusiasm about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and have spent a lot of time working on the stats that appear on this site.  My first goal for this site is to have the Bucs team record for every season and a team by team record for the Bucs versus every team that they have played during the regular season.  Hopefully, when this site is complete, you will be able to check out all of the numbers and maybe learn something that you didn't know before you found this site.

Buccaneer Season by Season Records:

1976          1981          1986          1991          1996

1977          1982          1987          1992          1997

1978          1983          1988          1993          1998

1979          1984          1989          1994          1999

1980         1985          1990           1995          2000

Buccaneer Team by Team Records:

Bears                                               Cowboys                                      Packers

Bengals                                            Dolphins                                       Panthers

Bills                                                 Eagles                                           Patriots

Broncos                                           Falcons                                         Raiders

Browns (new)                                  49ers                                             Rams

Browns/Ravens                                Giants                                            Redskins

Cardinals                                         Jaguars                                          Saints

Chargers                                         Jets                                                Seahawks

Chiefs                                             Lions                                              Steelers

Colts                                               Oilers/Titans                                    Vikings

To contact me with comments or problems, email me at:   KKingeryjr@aol.com


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