Martial Arts Instruction
Martial Arts instruction includes basics, forms, sparring, demonstrations/exhibitions, tournament competition, meditation, philosophy and physical conditioning.

Girls’ and Women’s Self-Defense
Emphasis of this course is on effective street self-defense techniques and skills used to avoid and deal with assaultive situations.

Self-Defense for Senior Citizens
A self-defense course designed with the problems that seniors face, i.e., home security, safety, use of voice and avoidance of scams directed at seniors.

Self-Defense for the Disabled
A class designed to teach practical self-defense skills to the disabled, including: use of the voice, awareness, assertiveness training and physical techniques.

Social Skills, De-escalation of Violence and Leadership Training for Youth
A program designed to teach basic skills to youth, including: avoidance of potentially dangerous situations, peer interaction, techniques of leadership, public speaking and conflict resolution.

Private Instruction
Private lessons are available in any of the programs offered.
Anthony W

To provide quality instruction in martial arts, leadership, anti-violence, self-defense and movement to all populations, including: children, youth, adults, the disabled, and senior citizens.
All programs will be designed to empower participants with comprehensive skills and self-esteem in a safe and professional environment.

Classes are available in both group and private settings.

About the Director . . . .

Anthony has worked with the blind for over ten years, and has developed a martial arts program aimed to empower the blind students which this school serves. His program has been a strong force in strengthening the self-esteem and personal power for these students. The lessons he teaches expand beyond the gym and into the lives of the students and staff.

Sadiya Espino
Director of Residential Services
California School for the Blind
Fremont, CA

Mr. Daniels was my daughter’s martial arts instructor from the time she started as a white belt through her process of achieving her black belt. During that time, he was a positive role model, not only to her, but to other children as well. He is an extremely exceptional martial arts instructor and I highly recommend his work with children and with the Martial Arts.

Clyde Wilson, (Parent)
Director, Child Development Center III
Greater Richmond Social Services Corporation

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Anthony W. Daniels
Founder and Director
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