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Serving delicious 'Hawker' Nasi Lemak and Ipoh's Kuey Teow Soup in KL
Exquisite Malaysian and other Favourite Recipes (Mmmm)
AJ's Favourite Restaurants
& Watering Holes
COCOLOCO, Retranchement (Sluis), The Netherlands  (closed down)
Marc & André's Most Mouth-watering Mexican restaurant ever outside Mexico
RESTORAN YUM YUM, 5, Persiaran Green Hill, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Tel. +60-605-253.76.86
Thai & Exquisite Asian Specialities
"Authentic Asian Cuisine At Its Best"
Ask for Dominic, Daniel or Derek.  Mrs Chong is the finest of cooks
Yum Yum's the place where Michelle Yeoh (of Bond fame)
goes for a meal when she visits her hometown.
Her favourite dish: "Yum-Yum Thai Maggo Salad"
Michelle Yeoh opening PC centre and signing internet photo print-outs
at local school in Ipoh on 24th April 1998
DE GRIFFIOEN, Kerkstraat 163, Blankenberge, Belgium
Tel. +32-50-41.34.05
Painter sculptor Michel Rosselle & Culinary artist Josiane Greisch:
5 Star food providers who remain kind to your wallet.
Absolute heaven if you relish seafood.  Ideal for fish and great for meat.
Definite 'musts' are: Bouillabaisse mer du Nord, Lotte au poivre vert,
Assiette de fruits de mers, Moules à l'ancienne,
Steak aux huîtres; and to round off: Thee Arquebuse.
SURABAYA, Stationsstraat 20-22, Middelburg, The Netherlands
Tel. +31-118-635.914
Europe's only restaurant serving East Java food !
The cheap buffet is absolutely gorgeous
KUALA LUMPUR, Statiestraat, Antwerp
Belgium's only Malaysian restaurant !
(if it is still there !)
UILENSPIEGEL, De Judestraat 67, Knokke-Heist, Belgium
Tel. +32-50-61.01.43
Lots of tasty morsels on the menu, but
"Ribbetjes" (spare ribs) are a must (Yes, meat-on-the-bone !)
INDIAN TANDOORI, Oude Gentweg 11, Bruges, Belgium
Tel. +32-50-34.58.26
Sensational Indian Food in Bruges served in sober surroundings.
Also to take away.
RESTAURANT BOSNA, Raadhuisplein 3c, Oostburg, The Netherlands
Tel. +31-1170.53.283
Bosnian delicacies, meaning lots of meat and "Dragon blood" (wine)
LA COMPOSTELLA, St.-Veerleplein 3/4 (Gravensteen), Gent, Belgium
Tel. +32-9-225.09.02
Spain lovers will enjoy the greatest paella ever at a really modest price
CAFETARIA STORMMEEUW, E.Verheyestr 14, Knokke-Heist, Belgium
Tel. +32-50-60.60.21
Here, AJ partakes in a solitaire Duvel with friends watching the basketball goings-on
THE MOON UNDER WATER, 28 Leicester Square, London WC2, UK
Between the Odeon Cinema and Capital Radio's Café
A pint of amber nectar from Oz can do wonders to the weary traveller!
Here Stan Yee perchance lets himself be seduced by Fosters.
CAFE DU NORD, Lippenslaan 62, Knokke-Heist, Belgium
Tel. +32-50-60.81.68
Left hand corner on the Summer patio, overlooking the market square,  is AJ's favourite spot (so Carine refrain from parking Your bum on it :)
The Moscow Mule cocktail from its SF namesake is unknown here.
JOPIE Café, Zwinstraat 6, Retranchement (Sluis), The Netherlands
Tel. +31-117-39.17.18
The first pub across the border from Knokke.  All drinks stocked at the exact
temperature, especially Duvel, Charles Quint (Alain's favourite)
and the "11e Gebod" ("11th Commandment", being: Thou Shallt Enjoy!)
THE ROUNDHOUSE, Corner 1 Garrick Str.-Bedford Str., London W1, UK
Tel. +44.171.836.9838
Ideal for a Belgian or other outlandish beer and great pub food after (or before)
visiting Covent Garden (just around the corner)
CHI-CHI's, Mexican Restaurant, 5-6 Henrietta Street, London
Tel. +44-171-240.22.28 (temporarily closed)
Large Mexican Cantina at Covent Garden.  Delicious Golden
Margarita's.  Try "Three Amigos" (Stan Yee's favourite meal) and
tell the waiter "hit me" if you want your food really spicy.
CHIQUITO RESTAURANT and BAR, Leicester Square, London WC2, UK
Mexican cantina between Pizza Hut and the Odeon Cinema.
One of the black waiters, Jorge, speaks fluent Dutch.
Excellent beef enchilada and other chilli goodies. Drinks are expensive.
Fiery red taco chips surprise the eye but delight your taste buds.
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  Knokke-Heist            London                   Dublin                  Tijuana

     San Diego            Kuala Lumpur                Ipoh                Boulogne

AJ's Favourite Mode of Transport
Nothing beats travelling by ferry, especially a P&O ferry.
In search of a P&O Stena Line Calais-Dover Timetable ?
Surf to Stena in Sweden.
Plan your (slam-door) train journey from Dover Priory to anywhere in the UK,
Or travel cheap by National Express from Dover Eastern Docks.
Live radio in Chinese from Kuala Lumpur & Taipei and in Afrikaans from Bloemfontein
AJ's Favourite Music
Les Miserables
War of the Worlds
Traditional & Modern Chinese Music
AJ's Favourite Books & Authors
Kafka (Especially "Amerika")
Afrikaans Literature (Etienne Leroux, Dalene Matthee)
Science Fiction
(Especially Ben Bova & Edmund Cooper)
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Budokai-Do Knokke        The Bulls        Fairleigh Dickinson
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