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Shara Rendell-Smock's Homepage Two excellent books: "Getting Hooked: Fiction's Opening Sentences 1950s - 1990s" and "Living With Big Cats: The Story of Jungle Larry, Safari Jane and David Tetzloff," a writing contest, and more.

American Homeowner Magazine (features Sandy humor)

BeeJ's Cybercorner

The Parade of Life

Joe Lavin's Humor Column

Bumma Dude

The Books of Dan & Stan

Humor Net

The Comedy Zone

Software Rules & Other Humor

The Best of the Net Links

Mark's Place - jokes & more

The Empire Humor, software, Star Trek & more

Red Sea Scuba

Jetschin Homepage From Malaysia

Doug's Great Sites

The X-Files Web

X-Files Web

West Virginia Home Shopper

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