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Sandy's Thoughts on Fishing Boat Morale

10 Clues That You're At A Bad Campground

10 Things You Don't Want To Hear From The Babysitter Who Watched Your Kids So You Could Spend The Weekend Camping

Unorthodox Things You Can Do To Enhance Boat Security

The Hunting Quiz

Things To Liven Up Your Office

You Know You're Going To Have A Bad Day At The Office When...

10 Clues That He Loves His Car More Than You

Why an Inflatable Boat is Better Than a Date

Lies, Lies, Lies... The Top Lies of Corporate America

Rate Your Date: The Gal Test

Alternates to Conventional Fishing Techniques

Good News / Bad News: Humor about men and women

Clues That You've Got A Bad Cable TV Company

Lindsey's Law of Costumes

Character Traits You Don't Want In Your New Dog

10 Things You Don't Want To Hear From Your Boss

Bumper Stickers for Computer Users

10 Things You Don't Want To Hear From The Electrician Working On Your Boat

10 Clues That You're A Techno-Fanatic

The Redneck Guide to Dating Etiquette

10 Clues That Your E-Mail Pal Is An X-Files Fan

10 Clues That You Shouldn't Have Taken Your Boss Fishing

Alternate Telephony Answering Machine Messages

You Know Your Cat Has Taken Over Your Life When...

Sport Fishing Page of 
British Columbia
Country Songs for Dogs

10 Things A Backyard Gardener Never Wants To Hear

10 Clues That It's Too Cold To Go Fishing

The Lindsey Computer Dictionary: Letter "A"

10 Clues That You've Chosen The Wrong Fishing Guide

The Ten Most Common Forms of Office Illness -- Includes the first THE OFFICE cartoon.

Unexaggerated Truths About Kids and Their Pets

You Know You Need A New Job When...

15 Clues That You Bought Your Used Computer from a Redneck

If Dogs Used Computers...

You Know You're A True Shooting Family When...

Reasons Not To Go Boating With Your Next Door Neighbor

Potential Dive Buddies to Avoid

The Fax is Mightier Than The Sword (How To Use Your Fax to be a Corporate Terrorist) -- Contains THE OFFICE cartoon.

10 Clues That Your Car Isn't The Right Tow Vehicle For Your New Boat

Why Dogs Make Better Fishing Buddies Than Humans Do

15 Ways To Drive The Man In Your Life Crazy

How To Drive The Woman In Your Life Crazy

The Lindsey Computer Dictionary - Letter: S

The Fishing Captain Revealed

10 Uses For A Worn-Out 3 1/2" Diskette

10 Clues That You've Gone Overboard on Boat Improvement

10 Clues That You've Gone Overboard on Home Improvement

10 Great Reasons To Have Your Dog Fixed

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